Romanian entrepreneurs build village of traditional houses

Cosmina and Emil Bratu, a family of entrepreneurs working in Cluj, have decided to build a traditional village of 46 houses in Bihor county, in north-western Romania, in the area of the Sânmartin commune, reported.

The company owned by the Bratu family builds and refurbishes traditional rural houses on demand. Now, the two want to build a village of traditional houses, by relocating old or abandoned houses from several regions of the country, according to

The “Bratu Village” is to spread on 85,000 sqm. Besides the 46 peasant houses representative of several regions of Romania, it will also have an inn, whose architecture will be typical of the mountain areas, a church, various annexes for craft activities, a library and a playground for children. Houses from the regions of Bucovina, Maramureș, Țara Bârsei, Transylvania and Dobrogea will be brought to the village.

The first houses are to be ready within three years. The inn will be built first, and it will have a hall to accommodate traditional weddings. Each house will have its own yard and green area. Next to the inn, two artificial lakes have been designed.

The investment in the project amounts to EUR 5 – 6 million, without including the value of the land already purchased, Emil Bratu told The average price of a house in the village is of some EUR 35,000.

The project could turn into a tourist destination, with a focus on foreign tourists interested in experiencing local village life.

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