Resita wants more electric cabs

The city of Reșița, in western Romania’s Banat region, plans to have half of its taxi fleet made up of electric or hybrid cars by 2025, reported.

The City Hall offers several facilities to cab drivers who opt for an electric car. They can charge their car for free for two years from the municipality’s stations. There are currently two stations but five more are to open by year end. At the same time, drivers receive consultancy on how to purchase electric cars, acording to

“They were advised to access StartUp funds, meaning two people can partner to buy two electric cars and after the [project’s] implementation period the car is theirs and they can practice individually,” Adelin Tuță, investment and urban mobility director with the Reşita City Hall, told

Cab drivers have welcomed the measure and say that clients are attracted to the eco-friendly option.

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