Metallica donates for children’s hospital in Bucharest, sings Romanian song

Legendary American heavy metal band Metallica had their fourth concert in Romania on Wednesday evening (August 14) and offered their fans on National Arena in Bucharest a memorable experience, says

Two gestures by the band’s members made a strong impression. Just before the concert, Metallica announced it would donate EUR 250,000 to the first private children’s hospital in Romania, a project of local NGO Daruieste Viata (Give Life). The band’s members donated EUR 50,000 themselves and EUR 200,000 came from the main sponsors of the Bucharest concert, lender BCR and Mastercard, representing the sponsorship fees.


“Metallica’s donation has a special significance for our project. Their music has been inspiring millions of Romanians and, at the same time, many of them are inspired to contribute to building the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy hospital in Romania, to offer children with cancer a chance to live,” said Carmen Uscatu, the president of Daruieste Viata Association. This project is the first modern hospital built in Romania exclusively from private donations.

Metallica was also in top shape in front of their fans on National Arena for whom they played some of their most famous songs, such as Nothing Else Matters, Master of Puppets, and The Unforgiven. However, one of the concert’s best moments was when Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo sang, in Romanian, De vei pleca (If you will leave), a song made famous by local rock band Iris.




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