Royal charitable concert benefits young Romanian artists

This year’s edition of the Royal Charitable Concert, organized by the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation, takes place on October 25, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, according to

Soprano Cellia Costea, tenor Teodor Ilincăi and the Romanian Youth Orchestra, conducted by Gabriel Bebeşelea will perform at the event, which raises funds for the foundation’s Young Talents program, offering scholarships, mentoring and promotion to the most talented young Romanian artists coming from modest families.

Soprano Cellia Costea lives in Athens, where she is considered a top female voice of the Greek capital. Tenor Teodor Ilincăi is one of the most famous and appreciated tenors of his generation. Since his debut, he has been invited to perform on the stages of prestigious opera theaters around the world. Conductor Gabriel Bebeşelea is recognized as one of the most talented Romanian conductors of the last decades. He is the Principal Conductor of the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra of Cluj-Napoca and has conducted world renowned orchestras.


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