Filmmakers from Poland, Lithuania and Romania Selected for 14th Aristoteles Workshop

Young filmmakers from Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary are among the 12 selected participants of the 14th edition of the Aristoteles documentary workshop, set to take place in Beliș, Cluj from 1 August 2019, according to

These participants are: Vasile Todinca (director, Romania), Maciej Thiem (DoP, Poland), Bence Prokop (DoP, Romania), Ieva Sakalyte (DoP, Lithuania), Claudia Alexandru (editor, Romania) and Voicu Mureșanu (editor, Romania).

Other participants come from Germany, Italy, the UK, SUA and the Ukraine. During five weeks the four teams composed of a director, a DoP and an editor will scout, shoot and edit a maximum 30-minute documentary.

Arne Bro from Denmark will conduct the theorical preparation, while the tutors are Isidore Bethel, Lotte Mik-Meyer and Laurent Becue-Renard.

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