Some 10,000 letters not delivered by Romanian Post found by Police

More than 10,000 letters that did not reach their recipients, including court summons, were found in the basement of the Sebes (Alba county) post office and at the homes of former and current employees of the public postal company, following police searches, reported.

The police detained eight people suspected of not having fulfilled their service obligations and not having delivered the mail, according to

Nearly 7,000 letters were stored in plastic bags in the basement of the Sebes post office while more than 3,000 were found at the homes of former and current employees.

The investigation revealed that between January 2018 and June 2019 postmen failed to hand over to the recipients the correspondence sent by the courts in Alba Iulia and have falsely signed on behalf of the recipients proofs and delivery bills, which were returned to the courts.


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