Cluj-Napoca Unveils Film Factory

The city of Cluj-Napoca, located in north-western Romania, has unveiled a 30 m EUR multi-purpouse building with a sound stage and offices for film companies. The sound stage is currently the site of an initiative from French director Michel Gondry to involve amateurs in the filmmaking process, according to

The Home Movie Factory was constructed as part of the Transilvania IFF at a cost of 130,000 EUR, and will stay in place for two months through the end of July. The concept includes a variety of small film sets constructed in the studio, where groups of 10 – 15 people are guided through the process of creating their own film from story development through editing, all within a three-hour time period.

The project is a way of introducing the film studio to the community, but organisers have larger plans for the space. The impressively designed modernist building, located some 10 miles from the city centre, was built as a space for the arts. Cluj-Napoca has a large arts community and it is also an emerging IT centre, making use of Romania’s tax incentives for IT professionals to work in Romania.

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