Price of logistics and industrial land in Cluj-Napoca hits EUR 70 per sqm

Cluj-Napoca has become the city with the most expensive land for industrial development in Romania, prices in areas of maximum interest being almost double compared to those required for similar sites in Bucharest, according to a report drafted by industrial real estate and land brokerage agency Dunwell, quoted by

In Cluj-Napoca, Floreşti area, land prices vary between EUR 50-60  per square meter (sqm), in Apahida area the price is EUR 60-70 per sqm while in Jucu, the asking prices range between EUR 35-40 per sqm, Dunwell estimates show. In Bucharest, for comparison, in the north-east area, land prices start from EUR 30 per sqm and can reach EUR 60 per sqm while in the north-west area they are around EUR 30-40 per sqm.

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