Romanian bank adds cherries to its exchange rate amid these fruits’ very high prices

Local lender Banca Transilvania has included cherries in its Friday exchange rate, as an irony to the fact that these fruits are very expensive in this period, according to

Imported cherries started selling in Romanian markets at the beginning of May for prices of up to RON 120 (about EUR 25) per kg,  Mediafax reported. Agri-food specialists say that this is nothing else but pure market speculation while the Romanians started making jokes on social media about the fruits’ extremely high prices.

In this context, Banca Transilvania (BT) decided to also add the cherries to its May 17 exchange rate. Thus, BT announced a rate of 4 cherries per USD on Friday, and of 4.5 cherries per EUR. Meanwhile, 1 GBP was equal to 5 cherries.

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