Votul Meu: A new tool lunched in Romania

The Center for the Study of Democracy in Romania has launched the independent vote matching tool, Votul Meu, ahead of the European elections, says EuropeanInterest.eu.

The interactive tool aims to match political preferences between parties and potential voters for the European elections, based on political parties’ campaign messages.

The purpose of My Vote is to help people identify the party that best suits their own political preferences and allow them quick access to the positions of all parties in these crucial choices.

My Vote is a nonprofit project and is not associated with any party or political organisation.

The project was developed and implemented by a team of researchers collaborating within the Preference Matcher consortium. The academic team for Romania is made up of researchers from the Center for the Study of Democracy, UBB, Cluj-Napoca: Dr. George JiglauDr. Toma BureanDr. Florin FeşnicDr. Gabriel BădescuMara Birou and Daniel Boiciuc.

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