Sandor’s donation doubles funds for endangered historical site in Herculane

Romanian entrepreneur Ovidiu Șandor has donated EUR 18,000 to the campaign aimed at raising the funding needed to secure the Neptune Baths, a historical building in the mineral spring resort of Băile Herculane, in western Romania’s Caraș-Severin county, says

The Locus Association in Timişoara, a group of young architects who have worked to draw attention on the degrading state of the patrimony buildings in Băile Herculane, started the fund-raising campaign and announced that a local businessman would double the sum gathered from donations made by May 1. The campaign came after a part of the roof of the Neptune Baths collapsed this February, endangering even more the structure of the construction.

Șandor told Adevarul that his 11-year-old son encouraged him to help the project. “I saw the initiative of these young architects and we visited Herculane with the children, we visited the imperial baths and other buildings with a similar history and an equally sad fate. I decided that something needed to be supported, from several perspectives. First of all, the building itself and the place itself, which are a palpable proof of our history, with all of its nuances, the Roman period, the Hapsburg period, the Austro-Hungarian period, the Communist period, with all these layers and nuances. Secondly, I think it is great that the young generation starts to get more and more involved in such cultural and social projects, and I think this type of initiative needs to be encouraged and supported”, Șandor explained.

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