Romania’s president blocks Government reshuffling

Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis, on April 23, rejected the resignations submitted by three ministers, including justice minister Tudorel Toader, thus blocking the Government reshuffling, which he sees as “a farce”, according to

He made it clear that he would not accept the resignations before knowing who will replace the resigning ministers. The proposed reshuffling has nothing to do with improving governance, or with Romania’s agenda, Iohannis stated in a press conference. It is caused by conflicts inside the Social Democratic Party (PSD), therefore it is pointless, he added.

The three ministers will probably leave the Government at some time, Iohannis admitted. “But I can’t agree to the three candidates that have been nominated to replace them,” the president said.

He added that he already talked to the prime minister Viorica Dancila by phone and asked her to come up with other nominations, or come up with proposals for interim ministers until the Government and Presidency would agree on acceptable permanent replacements.

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