Romania Journal: 10,000 state employees to be laid off

About 10,000 state employees would allegedly be laid off to save money for the budget and the first lists have begun to appear in the media, says

It is about the plan of Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici to reform the budgetary apparatus. Liberal Senator Florin Citu released on Saturday a list with the lay-offs plan from the public system, which reportedly would start in two-week’s time, without compensatory payments, reports.

“In the ministries, Liviu Dragnea has decided to keep only the people loyal to PSD. I reveal, for the first time, the table with the maximum number of employees in each ministry,” Citu wrote on Facebook.

The provisional list shows that overall about 10,000 positions will be cut.

For example, the number of positions with the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) will be cut from 2,487 to 2,100, meaning about 400 layoffs.

The Ministry of Regional Development will have a maximum number of positions of 800 against 1,004 in February. The Transport Ministry will have 380 positions instead of 579, the Culture Ministry will have 165 positions instead of 434.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said last Thursday that the next budget rectification will consider the restructuring of the ministries in the following 45 days.

The budget expenditures with the state employees have reached record highs in Romania, and are related to the highest level of employees in the public sector, i.e. 26% (1.23 million employees). Of these, about 800,000 work with the central public administration and 43,000 with the local public administration.


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