Pope Francis to wear clerical garment made by Romanian designer

Pope Francis will wear a chasuble made by a Romanian designer during his visit in Şumuleu Ciuc, Agerpres reported.

Şumuleu Ciuc, in Harghita county, is one of the several stops the Pope will make during his three-day visit in the country, alongside Bucharest, Iași and Blaj, says Romania-Insider.com.

The chasuble, an ornate sleeveless outer vestment, is created by Cristina Sabău-Trifu, a designer of clerical clothing. The garment will bear the image of the statue of the Virgin Mary in Şumuleu Ciuc, of the Franciscan Monastery in the locality but also the logo of the papal visit: “Let’s walk together!”

The designer explained that several requirements have to be met when creating the garment, which needs to be white. The process to create the chasuble is to start in the coming days and the fabric has already been ordered from Germany, while the measurements have been sent by the Vatican. The designer said she selected a fabric made of natural fibers, without golden threads, knowing that the Pope prefers simplicity. She also explained that she wasn’t asked to show the garment for approval but that it needs to be ready a few days prior to the start of the visit.

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