Siegfried Muresan, EPP: For each euro sent to EU, Romania received three euros back

What does the European Union mean to the Romanians beyond the speeches on justice and the rule of law? Siegfried Mureşan, MEP of the European Parliament and the European People’s Party spokesman – explains what has been done in Romania with European money and why a message on the major contribution that the state pays to the EU is a fake one.

“Since joining the EU on January 1, 2007, we have contributed € 17 billion to the Union budget and we received € 51 billion – free money, non-reimbursable funds, three times more than we contributed. When a politician says we pay big taxes to the EU, citizens have to say, Stop. We know exactly how much we received: three times more than we have, “said Siegfried Mureşan, PNL MEP.

In 2018, Siegfried Muresan was the Chief Negotiator for the entire EU budget and imposed several amendments on financial allocations.

“We managed to allocate 16 billion euros in addition to the previous year for cohesion policy payments, that is, more money for the rehabilitation of buildings, schools, railway upgrades, rehabilitation or upgrading of smaller roads in Romania, etc. We have managed to increase EUR 250 million in Erasmus + scholarships for students, an increase of over EUR 600 million in agricultural funds and EUR 34 million in young farmers, plus raising funds for the Republic of Moldova.

In my first month of work in the EP, I came up with a € 3.5 million allocation project to help 1000 redundant workers from the Welding Plant in Câmpia Turzii (Cluj county). Also in 2014, we made a report and about 8.5 million euros were aasigned to help people in Romania affected by the floods. Also, in the autumn of 2018, we obtained the funds to help Romanian farmers affected by African swine fever, “the Liberal MEP said.

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