SeeNews: Romanian entrepreneurs say fiscal, regulatory environment worsens

Some 52% of Romanian entrepreneurs feel that the domestic fiscal and regulatory environment has deteriorated in the course of 2018, the results of a new study, quoted by

In their view, the main three measures that the government could take in order to improve the fiscal environment would be to reduce labour taxation, combat bureaucracy and maintain stability and predictability, according to the ‘Startup Barometer’ study compiled by EY Romania, Impact Hub Bucharest and Startarium. Only 20% of entrepreneurs feel that the fiscal environment has improved.

The study also showed 50% of start-up entrepreneurs are planning to expand their businesses on new markets. Most of them, 51%, eye other European markets, while 17% plan to take their businesses to the US.

Fear of failure is among the main obstacles for those who want to start and develop a business in Romania, according to 20% of polled entrepreneurs. Poor education, fiscal unpredictability and the current political situation are also mentioned as obstacles by most entrepreneurs.

Also, some 74% of respondents believe that entrepreneurship is not supported by Romanian society.


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