Champagne: Luxury, Celebration, Emotion, Beauty

Starting a premium event business where the champagne is the star seems like an act of courage. To be successful in this field is not just about luck and conjuncture, but also about dedication and professionalism.

What is the connection between all these ingredients of success? Her name is Olimpia Pleşa Brandhuber, who, driven by the passion for wine and especially for champagne, founded the OPiA Celebrate Champagne in 2009.

Olipia Pleșa Brandhuber

“Around the World in a Glass of Wine”™ is the first concept event born of Olimpia’s desire to share her passion for wine, travel and gastronomy, combined with the pleasure of connecting people, giving them moments of joy, organising beautiful events. It is a mini team building as the wine creates interaction, in addition to joy. “The ladies behind the champagne pearls” are very cherished by the employees of the companies because they have the opportunity to taste the real champagne and enrich themselves with the story of this magic wine and “Soiree de champagne” is a gourmet evening dedicated to a champagne house and preferred by companies for their exclusive partners. 

Those who accept the invitation to such an event learn unknown things about champagne and wine, taste fine gourmet dishes, which they enjoy with wine. Why participate or offer your clients or relatives such an event? For the unique experience, for the conviviality and last but not least for the pleasure of tasting a good wine, about which you find unknown things. “Knowledge enhances the joy of the experience,” says Olimpia.

“Of all the wines, champagne conquered me. The most sophisticated wine on the planet needs a ritual to be appreciated. I say champagne is alive and that’s what I’m trying to do through my events. Promote champagne as a way to live a solemn, elegant and beautiful life,” says Olimpia Pleşa Brandhuber.

OPiA Celebrated Champagne Events

If you do not have a new idea to motivate your employees to participate in the team buildings organised by your company, give them something else: an OPiA event. In addition to the wine tasting evenings, you can choose the theme parties or the mysterious “Crime Scene Party.”
The events conceived by Olimpia are dedicated to both companies and those who like to live beautifully and are curious to learn unknown things about the most sophisticated wines. And who does not want to sip, at least once, the “wine of kings”?