Almost two-thirds of Romanians don’t trust their country’s democratic system

Almost two-thirds (64%) of Romanians don’t trust the democratic system in Romania, the percentage being much higher than that of those who said they are not happy with the way democracy works in the EU – 34%, Politico Europe revealed in an article based on Eurobarometer data.

The figures in Romania follow the regional pattern, as the bloc’s entire south-east distrusts its own democratic system more than it does the EU. Meanwhile, the north-west favors its own institutions over those of the EU, according to

The article was published in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections, highlighting the voters’ thoughts on this topic. For example, the voters disagree about what topics should lead the debate ahead of the elections while most of them don’t trust the institutions tasked with drafting and implementing the changes they want, Politico writes.

In Romania’s case, most respondents believe that the economy and youth unemployment should be the top issues to be debated ahead of the European elections, followed by human rights. Meanwhile, in most Member States, migration is a top issue that should be discussed in the coming period.


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