Romania insider: Contractor for Ploiesti-Brasov motorway to be announced soon

Romania’s Government is going to announce shortly the selected bidders for the construction of Ploiesti-Comarnic-Brasov motorway under a public-private partnership, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced on December 20, according to

The Government will continue competitive negotiations with the selected bidders, which will be invited to submit financial and technical offers.

Five bidders have submitted offers to enter a Public Private Partnership agreement with the state for constructing the motorway across the Carpathian mountains thus linking Bucharest with Brasov along Transylvania Motorway. Their names were not made public.

Other projects to be developed under Public Private Partnership agreements are prepared for launch by the national Commission for Statistics and Strategy (CNSP), Dancila added. The tender book for a polyclinic hospital (Calistrat Grozovici in Bucharest, planned to have 636 beds) is already drafted by CNSP and will be soon made public. The preliminary studies for Targu Neamt – Iasi motorway and for the regularisation of the rivers Arges and Dambovita are also ready for evaluations within the Government, in a first stage, the Prime Minister added.



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