Farmec opens its 25th store in Sun Plaza shopping center

Cosmetics manufacturer Farmec continues the national expansion of its branded store network with the opening of the 25th store, following an investment of more than EUR 50,000. The new Gerovital store in Bucharest is located within the Sun Plaza shopping center and has an area of ​​more than 50 square meters, according to

The cosmetics producer from Cluj is already planning to open another store by the end of the year, in the Old Center in Bucharest, with its network reaching 18 Gerovital units and 8 Farmec units.

“We are glad to launch our 25th brand store – this achievement demonstrates that Romanians are constantly and trustfully choosing Farmec and Gerovital products offline as well. Positive feedback from our customers and the increasing demand to be as close as possible has led us to continue our expansion plans for our brand-name network. Thus, in 2018 we opened three stores and we want to end the year with two other openings in Bucharest: Sun Plaza and the Old Center. It is a reason of pride to be the first local cosmetics manufacturer to have our own brand network and we take responsibility to bring this concept to as many areas of the country as possible,” said Mircea Turdean, the General Manager of Farmec.

The 25th brand store was inaugurated with a series of surprises, including an Eli Lasslean fashion show and a speech by Dana Savuica.


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