President Iohannis sends letter to PM Dancila, requests the agenda of every Gov’t meeting

President Klaus Iohannis has sent a letter on Monday to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, requesting the agenda for every Government meetins, the Presidency informs, according to

The letter say:

“In order to exercise the prerogatives set by article 87 of the Constitution, I request you to send me the agenda of every Government sitting.

The obligation of informing about it is included in article 39 of the Ruling on procedures, for the Government, for elaborating, notification and presenting the draft documents on public policies, drafts of normative acts, as well as other documents, in view of adopting/approving, as approved by the Government Decision no.561/2009.  According to the mentioned decisions, the Government’s agenda is to be communicated to the concerned public authorities, together with the draft documents on public policies, the draft normative acts or other documents, as well as the respective accompanying documents, by at least 24 hours before the Government meeting”.

The decision comes one day after the ruling party’s National Council on Sunday. Party chairman Liviu Dragnea delivered a huge one-hour-and-a-half speech. Dragnea said that there have been voices at the PSD National Council who requested an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon that should be adopted by mid-January, arguing it would be “an amnesty” on Centennial. At the same time, one of the PSD chairman’s orders to the party was to file a criminal complaint against President Klaus Iohannis for high treason.

The Government has reacted to the request of the President, through the voice of Secretary General Toni Grebla.

“The Government meetings always take place according to the regulation, including of article 39,” Grebla said, who added that “the President’s interest may be seen in the fields of defence, public order and foreign policy,” reports.

Later in the day, PSD Senator Claudiu Manda said it seems fair that the Government does not announce President Klaus Iohannis about the agenda, if the sittings do not address issues related to foreign policy or national defence.

“As far as I know, President Iohannis can attend the Government meetings if they address issues in his competences, such as national security, foreign policy or defence. If they do not, I understand the Government will not announce him and I believe this is fair”, Manda said on Monday.


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