Healthcare operator Regina Maria opens EUR 18 mln hospital in western RO

Private healthcare network Regina Maria has finalized a hospital in Cluj Napoca, in western Romania, following an investment exceeding EUR 18 million, according to

The hospital has a surface of over 7,000 sqm, and spreads on seven levels: ground level, four over-ground levels, and two underground levels. It has eight medical departments and offers six surgical specialties. It also has a pediatrics department, which includes a pediatric surgery section covering an entire floor, and an outpatient care department exclusively for children, covering seven doctor’s offices and a 24/7 ER. The hospital also has an integrated maternity ward.

Among the medical specialties available at the hospital are gynecology, general surgery, and orthopedics. It also has an imaging center, a medical tests lab and an ER.

The team of the entire Regina Maria medical campus currently numbers 423 employees. Of these, 184 are medical staff.


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