Romanian telecom regulator’s president wants 5G internet in all cities by 2025

Romania’s first target is to launch 5G services in 2020, and then to expand the coverage to all cities, highways, airports, sea ports, and in the ten biggest industrial parks by 2025, said Sorin Grindeanu, the president of local telecom regulator ANCOM, according to

The 5G implementation will require investments of EUR 58 billion from operators in the EU by 2025, according to Sorin Grindeanu, reported. In Romania, the level of investments is to reach around EUR 2 billion. The amounts don’t include the license fees.

The 5G services will first be available in the most commercially attractive areas, and ANCOM will first select at least two cities for 5G installation.

ANCOM put up for public consultation the National Strategy for the Implementation of 5G Technologies in Romania on Wednesday, November 21, and, according to the calendar, the auction for 5G licenses will be completed by mid-December 2019.


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