Digital Park, Silicon Valley of Moldova

Technology, innovation and creativity thrive in the Republic of Moldova where one of the most revolutionary IT parks in Eastern Europe – Digital Park – will be launched in December. Designed as a unique and dynamic space, the technology park is geared towards the rapid progress and growth of local and international IT & C companies, creating a complex ecosystem that will bring together the best specialists in this field under the same roof.

Digital Park gets even more attractive, considering the existence of a legal framework in Moldova for the development of a business in the field, such as the Virtual Parks Act. It offers several facilities to companies that have chosen to become resident members of the park and start an IT business in Moldova, including a single 7% tax on sales revenue.

The young and ambitious work force is of no less importance. More than 300 young people graduate each year from IT faculties and are looking for a stable job in far-reaching projects.

The interconnection of Moldova with Europe is another strong argument for the opening of an office in Digital Park, as dozens of flights land daily at Chișinău International Airport from the most developed and economically stable countries such as Germany, Italy, Romania, Great Britain, Spain, France, Austria, Poland, etc.

Digital Park is the perfect venue for freelancers, start-ups and mature companies looking for a revolutionary modern facility where to develop their business. Digital Park residents will enjoy an atmosphere and infrastructure similar to the famous “Silicon Valley” with performing offices and coworking facilities with panoramic windows. The buildings with a sumptuous glass architecture, steel columns and black brick are accompanied by 0.9 hectares of green spaces with workspaces and recreational areas to boost the energy and creative potential of community members. Digital Park also features a restaurant, a lounge bar and a terrace with an impressive view day and night.

Digital Park in figures:

– 25,630 m² of offices and coworking spaces

– 4,230 m² lobby, conference rooms and other shared spaces

– 0.9 hectares of green and recreational areas;

– 4,300 m² of terraced and green roofs;

– 1,100 parking spaces;

– 1,730 m² of cafés and restaurants.

In terms of facilities and benefits, located downtown the capital city, in an accessible area, Digital Park aims to become the main urban attraction in Chișinău and the place where the local and international business community works and grows together for a prosperous future!



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