Taxi companies in Timisoara sue Uber for unfair competition

Some of the plaintiffs in this case are Association Banat Taxi, Escort Regal SRL, Favorit Pro Drive SRL and Lucky Taxi SRL. Meanwhile, Uber Systems Romania, Raiser Operations BV and Uber BV, the last two based in the Netherlands, are the defendants, according to

Uber Romania officials told that tens of thousands of locals and tourists use the Uber services in Timisoara while hundreds of drivers earn an extra income through their partnership with Uber. The company will thus continue the dialogue with the authorities while taking “proactive steps towards a licensed model.”

This action comes after the Specialized Tribunal of Cluj has banned the “unfair competition practices” of Uber in Cluj-Napoca in June this year. The practices refer to providing transport services without holding the legal authorizations. The decision, which is not final, came in a lawsuit opened against Uber in 2016 by an association of taxi companies.


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