Cluj-Napoca City Council approves project for first smart street

The Cluj-Napoca City Council has approved the modernization of the Ioan Piuariu Molnar Street, set to become the city’s first smart street and a “model of urban structure in Romania”, according to

“This is a national premiere; it will be the first smart street in Romania, a smart street with all the facilities and technological endowments of such an artery,” Emil Boc, the Cluj-Napoca mayor, explained, quoted by Mediafax.

The street will feature WiFi-equipped lighting poles, street furniture with phone-charging banks, and an automated tree irrigation system that will work only when needed. The street will also have charging stations for electric bikes and scooters and two charging stations for electric cars.

The works are set to start during the summer of next year and last nine months. The EU funds will cover 98% of the project, amounting to EUR 1.3 million. The area to be revamped has a surface of some 4,500 sqm.


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