Breeding thoroughbred horses, between art and science

Romanians have been famous since the Middle Ages for their passion for race horses.

Moldovan stud farms provided stallions and mares for cavalry units in the Ottoman Empire, Poland, Hungary, or the Habsburg Empire.

At the same time, horses from Transylvania were renowned throughout Europe. During the communist era, a so-called “horse holocaust” took place.

In the name of the mechanization of agriculture, hundreds of thousands of horses were killed. However, in Romania were preserved herds that saved a valuable genetic heritage, and the breeding of horses was reborn after the fall of communism.

Cluj has some of the best Romanian specialists in the equine veterinary field, which offers specialised services both in the country and abroad.

Professor Iancu Morar of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj, the best qualified specialist in the field of breeding thoroughbred, who also founded and runs the Biovet Private Clinic.

Professor Iancu Morar

In Romania, there is still a passion for the traditional method of breeding race horses, which is a sign of attachment to the tradition of breeding these valuable animals. However, methods of artificial insemination of the mares have also been developed in recent years. Here in Cluj, we were among the first in the country to have used this technique, and the accumulated experience places the team of specialists in Cluj among the most experienced ones“, said Professor Iancu Morar.

The Cluj specialists collaborate internationally in this field with the best equine veterinarians in Europe. Thus, the breeding of racehorses goes beyond the field of art reserved for experienced breeders and enters the area of ​​a top-level scientific approach.

In addition to the expertise gained by equine veterinarians, another asset of Romania is represented by the fact that the most important genetic nuclei have been saved, which can represent a good source for repopulation of herds around the world.

The most representative breeds are the Lipizzan, with two varieties: black and white, Furioso North Star and Gidran, which have in Romania unique genetic nuclei in the world from the perspective of their consolidation, Pure English Blood and Pure Arab Blood, Romanian Trotter, Nonius and Hucul pony.

The Cluj experts are interested in sharing their experience with their partners around the world, including Jordan. Moreover, no exchanges of semen are excluded. These exchanges may involve both university-level and practitioner cooperation.

The Biovet Clinic is one of the best equipped in Transylvania. It is not limited to the equine veterinary field. “We offer complex veterinary services for pets. Biovet has a modern diagnostic technique and high-performance medical imaging equipment. The Biovet team includes 12 doctors, some of whom are also involved in scientific research projects”, added Professor Iancu Morar.

The Biovet Clinic was founded in 1995, with headquarters in Făget district of Cluj-Napoca, the capital city of Transylvania, at equal distance from Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade. The clinic offers hospitalization for sick animals as well as ongoing medical emergency services. An important project is the creation of a veterinary ambulance service operating in the Cluj area, as well as the deepening of specialisations in the field of veterinary medicine.

The prospects for the future are very good, since the Biovet team veterinarians are very good professionals. Some of them have been trained in the clinic and have been working in this team for 20 years. The experience gained is a very valuable one. We have encouraged their specialisation in various fields of veterinary medicine, such as orthopaedics, oncology, dermatology or transfusions. Our physicians are encouraged to participate regularly in national and international symposia, workshops and conferences to keep up-to-date with the latest and best performing techniques used worldwide. Our goal is to be on the same level as the European and world elite“, says the founder of the Biovet Clinic.

In the medium term, the clinic in Cluj is about to expand and make new investments to serve a wider range of clients. Biovet’s leadership also wants to expand the network of partnerships with similar clinics, including at international level.




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