The wages in tourism to increase 20 pct in 2019

According to the Hospitality Management Academy data, the average net salary of a travel agent exceeds EUR 500 per month, but increases with bonuses from sales made in the early months of the year through Early Bird campaigns and during tourism fairs, according to

If the situation of tour operators is in the picture of the national economy, things are not the same for the hotel industry. The average salary in hotels is one of the lowest in Romania, reaching some EUR 300 (net salary).

According to the Hospitality Management Academy estimates, wages in tourism will increase by 20 percent in 2019.

The emigration of the hospitality and tourism workforce, the short season on the seaside, poor infrastructure and the difficult connection between different tourist areas in the country, the lack of dedicated hospitality schools are just a few of the issues raised at Hospitality Management Academy meetings with travel agencies and hoteliers in several areas of the country.


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