Google Romania launches a start-up incubator for student programmers

Two years ago, Google launched The Digital Workshop (Atelierul Digital) in order to help people develop their digital skills so they could advance in their careers or find a job. Now, Google is expanding the program to target software developers and will also set up a start-up incubator, according to

The Digital Workshop for Programmers is launched in collaboration with The University of Bucharest (UB) and universities from Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara. It is a premiere for a humanities-focused university to host and develop such a program, but as Mircea Dumitru, the rector of UB, says, “today’s digital technologies are not just about mathematics, but also about humanities.”

“We don’t know what the labor market will look like in 20 or 30 years, what jobs will be needed or what jobs will be created. We try to keep up with new technologies and the partnership with Google is one of the things that can help us do that,” says Dumitru.

According to the data shared by Elisabeta Moraru, Country Business Development manager at Google Romania, 72 percent of Romanians do not have any digital skills. “So far we have reached 100,000 students and SMEs through the Digital Workshop after offering courses in 55 cities,” says Moraru.

Of the total number of people and SMEs, 55,000 took online courses, 30,000 took offline courses and 7,000 SMEs got free consultancy for strategy and online marketing.


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