Romania’s Vest region ranks high in Europe by proportion of people using Facebook or Instagram

Romania has a low proportion of internet users compared to other European Union nations due to low internet penetration rate, but some regions rank much better than others in terms of participation in social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In the EU, more than half (54 percent) of the population aged 16-74 years used the internet to participate in social networks – by using websites such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – in 2017, Eurostat data show, according to

But Romanians living in the Vest region (including the cities of Timisoara and Arad), the second-richest in the country after Bucuresti-Ilfov, have a higher participation rate in social networks, of 62 percent – significantly above the EU average.

Two other Romania regions – Nord Vest (northern Transylvania) and Bucuresti-Ilfov (including the Capital city) – rank above the EU average, with 56 percent of individuals being actives on Facebook or Instagram.

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