Timisoara surpasses Cluj-Napoca to become the second office center after Bucharest

Timisoara became the largest office market in the country by the middle of this year, surpassing for the first time the office space in operation in Cluj-Napoca, according to Business-Review.eu.

The development comes as a result of the record volumes registered in Timisoara over the past two years, both in terms of new stock deliveries and in terms of the volume of rental transactions. The office stock in Timisoara increased by 53,000 sqm in the first six months of this year, already exceeding by 26 percent last year’s record deliveries.

As a result, the modern speculative stock in operation increased to 180,000 sqm, corresponding to a density of 564 sqm per one thousand inhabitants, exceeding by 30,000 sqm the similar stock in operation from Cluj-Napoca (150,000 sqm).

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