LightPayCoin, the innovative coin based on POS and Masternodes

With the aim to create a coin like no other, a multicultural team from USA, Poland and Russia got together and created LightPayCoin (LPC). What makes this coin different is its ease of use, multifunctionality, security and most importantly, a new technology of NFC contactless payment with the ability to pay for goods and cash out LPC through ATMs to dollars, euros and pounds.

This promising coin is currently listed on 6 exchanges: CryptoBridge, Stocks.Exchange, Escodex, SouthXchange, CoinExchange and will be soon added to other exchanges, such as Cryptopia.

What is LightPayCoin (LPC)?

LPC is a crypto currency based on Proof of Stake (POS) and Masternodes that can be used as a new method of payment or exchange for goods and services. Through the application available for Android and iOS devices, users can pay for their utility bills and they can use a contactless system to cash out from ATMs.

PoS, Masternodes and Wallet

At the core of the stability of LightPayCoin are the Proof of Stakes and Masternodes that can be used through the custom-made wallet. The use of darksend technology enables high anonymity transactions thanks to the special algorithm that mixes sent funds.

Owning a decent number of LightPayCoins in your wallet can earn you a decent reward by staking them. You will need to unlock your wallet and keep it open for this sole purpose. The staking reward ranges from 10% to 25%.

Owning at least 1 000 LPC coins enable the creation of a Masternode that can produce more coins as a reward for the work performed when confirming transactions for special network nodes. LightPayCoin Masternodes represent a network of computers/servers which donate processing power to the network in order for transactions to be confirmed. The Masternode reward ranges from 65% to 90%.

The amazing technology of LPC masternodes makes it trustworthy and easy to use, ranking it in top 7 MNOs in the world by the transaction volume.

Contactless payments from the mobile phone

LightPayCoin comes with an amazing innovation, offering the possibility of contactless payments using the NFC technology by downloading the application on the smartphone from the Play Store in Androind and App Store for iOS based devices. By doing this, users can pay for different goods, services or exchange LPC at ATMs for dollars, euros or pounds.

The Coin

LightPayCoin (LPC) uses the algorithm Quark and has a block reward range between 3 and 26 LPC and the total supply of LPC is 21 000 000 LPC.

As seen on CoinMarketCap, the coin value and trading volume has greatly increased in the past month, making it a great candidate for the possible top coins of the year by the end of December.


LightPayCoin comes with innovative features that are still unusual for the cryptocurrency market. By enabling the possibility to use ATMs to exchange and withdraw LPC for dollars, euros or pounds will open new doors for the entire industry. Aside from this, their Masternode is a great and affordable alternative to mining that could be used soon by more and more investors.

You can find more information on their website:


Launch date 29.05.2018

Name: LightPayCoin


QUARK Official Website


Masterndes Online





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Premine: 90.000 / 0.43%



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