Dacia posts record sales for first half of 2018

Dacia sold a record number of cars in the first half of 2018, with 281,225 registered vehicles (a 14.6 percent growth) in Europe and a record market share of 2.9 percent (0.3 percent growth), according to Business-Review.eu.

Renault Group, the owner of the Dacia brand, also hit record sales globally, with 2.07 billion vehicles delivered in the first half of the year. Renault’s sales were helped by rebounding markets in Russia and South America, as well as solid demand in Europe, Reuters reports.

The group pledged to increase sales further in 2018, with recently updated models such as the no-frills Dacia Duster SUV driving demand. Dacia’s total global sales for the first half of the year reached 378,095 vehicles.


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