Cosmetic Plant aiming for EUR 2.6 mln turnover by end-2018

Cosmetic Plant, one of the main local cosmetics producers, ended 2017 with a turnover of about EUR 2.4 million and with over 1.2 million products sold, and aims to exceed a turnover of EUR 2.6 million for 2018, a 10 percent growth from the previous year, says

“The number of products sold by the company in 2017, as well as the turnover we achieved, proves that our business is developing thanks to the notoriety of the Cosmetic Plant brand both on the traditional market and in modern retail, where we continue to list our products with new partners and widen the range of products available to our partners,” says Susana Laszlo, CEO of Cosmetic Plant.

One of the largest increases in the past two years was seen for solar protection and after-sun products, with an almost 80 percent growth. In July-August 2017, beach products had a 35 percent share of the total sales.

“A growing segment of consumers is showing interest in vegan cosmetic products and we are glad we can respond to their needs, as almost 90 percent of our solar protection products are vegan,” added the company’s representative.


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