Survey shows gap between employers’ and employees’ expectations in Romania

A third (34%) of employers in Romania say they encounter difficulties in finding workers with a secondary education, while 44% of the blue-collar workers say the same about finding a job, according to a survey carried out by Reveal Marketing Research and classifieds platform OLX, according to

“The percentage difference between the perception of the employees and that of the employers raises questions about the availability of jobs, showing that the job changing process can seem difficult for the employees,” the authors of the survey say.

OLX records over 45,000 job ads, and 80% of the employers that post ads finish recruiting within a month, the company said. Over 9,000 jobs are advertised in Bucharest, over 3,000 in Cluj, and more than 2,200 in Iasi.

The most looked-up categories in Cluj are those of baby-sitter and cleaner, seasonal labor, security, auto and courier services. In Iasi, the jobs that got most attention came from the categories baby-sitter and cleaner, engineer and builder, commercial worker, warehouse worker, protection, and auto and courier services. This is due to the large number of young professionals who dedicate a large part of their time to developing their careers and need help in managing their household and help with the children, the study’s authors explain.


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