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In 2012, Khaled Al Mezayen (photo), CEO of  InovAya went with his father, which is a Syrian doctor, in a field hospital in northern Syria. He realized that he was bringing the icing on the cake, but I there was no cake to put it on…Now imagine that you are already suffering and you do not have access to basic sanitation or hygiene, no water, nothing. That was the moment that started the idea of creating a viable system that can produce clean water in almost any kind of environment.

Khaled created a first company in Romania, and developed the SOWAT (System Open Water Advanced Technology), project which has now an international recognition (UKAid official provider for water filtration devices for humanitarian emergencies). He wanted to go further and he created InovAya, and has now two offices, one in Lyon (France) and one in Sibiu (Romania).

InovAya is a specialist in water innovative solutions designed for small communities, development aid sector and emergency situations. Our professional and multi-sector team benefits from the extensive experience of our partners (over 20 years) in water treatment and water filtration. The team designs and implements turnkey projects, while helping our partners to fund their water access projects.

InovAya believes in human dignity and equal access to basic services for every community in the world. This is why the company designs and offers the best solutions, adapted to the specific needs. InovAya contributes to empower the community toward self-sustainability.

InovAya develops in 2018 12 major projects in Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt and Romania, impacting more than 65.000 people.

This filters are innovative also because are sustainable by any ecologic standards. The price to make clean water with these filters is around 2 Euros per year per person, saving 300 kg of plastic per day, no consumable and no chemicals needed, which means less pollution. One of the greatest assets is the 10-year warranty for these filters.

InovAya works with recognized partners such as Pipeco, SD Eau and Polymem.

Community or family needs

INOVAYA C1000-203 is a filtration system designed to adapt to all situations and comprised just cutting-edge technologies. Equipped with filters, it provides drinkable water by a physical filtration process without the use of chemicals, reverse osmosis or UVC. An advantage of this system is that the filters do not retain the minerals present in water.

It was developed by an European team of researchers, pharmacists and specialists in crisis situations. It offers a new solution to better solve crisis situations (refugee camps, natural disaster etc.) and produces perfectly clean water from any source of water.

This system has four filtering stages which turn polluted or infected water into drinking water. In the first step, large particles, such as sand, for example, which are found in the water, are removed. In the second stage, the bacteria are removed by polarisation with a filter made of recycled glass. The third filter is made of activated carbon, and the water already cleaned through successive steps passes through a fourth filter, developed in partnership with a company from France. This filter is so powerful that it stops particles of diameter above 10 nanometres. At this stage, viruses are also removed, which have, as a rule, a maximum diameter of 20 nanometres.

INOVAYA C1000-203   was designed for the communities’ use. It is a unique modular filtration system which will transform an unsafe water source in a clean drinking water. This system can be used by up to 20,000 people and can clean up to 20 m3/hour. It is for fresh water sources and it is a long-lasting solution with no consumables and no added chemicals needed.

There also is available another system, more suitable for family use: INOVAYA F1.6 120L. It works even with contaminated piping system and it can be connected directly to the tap. This filtration system can produce 120 litres of drinkable water per day, that can provide the needs of 1-6 persons.


Dr. Khaled Al Mezayen

92 cours LAFAYETTE Chez Mama Works

69003 Lyon

France or

Str. Strandului, bl20A, sc A, ap: 8, Sibiu




+33 674 337 299



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