Bosch builds new offices near its factory in Blaj

German group Bosch has started work on a new office building at its factory in Blaj, central Romania, which produces sensors, electronic components and parts for the industrial technology sector, according to

Bosch will invest over EUR 7 million in the new building, which will have 5,700 sqm of offices on two floors.

Besides office space for about 250 employees, the new building will also host the development labs, which are currently in the factory.

“Bosch has expanded its production activity in Blaj in recent years, so we have decided to raise a new building to support this growth and to provide enough space for new projects that will contribute to the factory’s long-term development,” said Dirk Arnold, the general manager of the Bosch production unit in Blaj.

Bosch opened its factory in Blaj in 2007. The group has over 6,500 employees in Romania.


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