The Royal Family Promotes the Economic Interests of Romanian Companies Abroad

One of the most effective means by which members of the Royal Family of Romania promote the interests of Romanian companies is the organisation of economic missions abroad. Romanian companies have the opportunity to find, through these missions, business partners, attract investors or conclude various trade agreements. There are also many cases where Romanian companies manage to identify different opportunities to invest abroad.

These economic missions conducted over the years have produced many concrete results: a German company has invested over 10 million euros in some factory manufacturing metal components for the automotive industry, another German company has invested in the creation of a software production centre in the town of Bălți of the Republic of Moldova, and a Cluj infrastructure company has already invested in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. Long-term partnerships have also emerged: the Porsche Group software division has entered into a partnership with a software company in the Republic of Moldova.

These businesses are the consequence of the economic missions organised since 2016 under the leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania. In the spring of 2016, a delegation of businessmen from Transylvania took part in an economic, academic and cultural visit that was organised in several localities in the Republic of Moldovan. In the capital city Chișinău, the representatives of Cluj companies met business partners, government officials and public authorities. The delegation led by His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, the Minister of Agriculture, the Mayor of Chișinău, and the leadership of the North Regional Development Agency in Bălți. The business delegation also visited other localities, such as Regina Maria or Purcari, the latter famous for its vineyard.

An official visit to Germany, Dusseldorf and Neuss followed in the autumn of 2016. Transylvanian businessmen met with representatives of the chambers of commerce and industry of the two cities, as well as representatives of the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange. Besides the Cluj companies, the Romanian Government was represented at this visit by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, the Foreign Minister, State Secretaries, and Emil Hurezeanu, Ambassador of Romania in Germany.

In the autumn of 2017, the Trilateral Royal Business Conference took place in Cluj-Napoca under the aegis of His Royal Highness, Princess Radu of Romania. The event brought together companies from Romania, Germany and the Republic of Moldova, which tried to identify new opportunities for economic cooperation. It also laid the foundations for future partnerships between different business associations in the three countries. The event was hosted by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine at the “King Michael I” Institute of Life Sciences.

Two foreign visits of the Royal Family of Romania are planned for 2018, who will be accompanied by representatives of the companies.

The first visit is scheduled in Jordan, and the second in Serbia. The range of interests of these companies is very wide, varying from agro-food to IT and from renewable energy to real estate investment.

There is also interest from Transylvanian companies to establish the bases of regular economic cooperation with Moldovan and German companies, as well as to organise new economic missions in countries such as Poland or France. The increased effectiveness of such economic missions has also led to a steady increase in the number of those interested in the opening of such projects organised at the initiative of His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania. Moreover, the partnerships between companies and the various business associations arising from these royal visits have beneficial consequences for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, as there increasingly bilateral and international cooperation projects.



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