What city would young Romanians relocate to for work?

Most young Romanians would choose Cluj-Napoca if they had to move to another city for work, according to a survey made this spring at the Career Fair (Targul de Cariere), one of the biggest recruiting events in the country, cited by Mediafax.

Almost half (46%) of the participants to this survey chose Cluj-Napoca as the city they would move to for work. Next came Bucharest, preferred by 17% of the respondents, Sibiu (8%), Brasov (7.5%) and Timisoara (5.9%), says Romania-Insider.com.

Cluj-Napoca is a fast-growing IT and tech hub in central Romania. The city has been developing at a fast pace in recent years, which has also been reflected in house prices, which have surpassed even those in the capital Bucharest.

When asked what would determine them to move to another city for work, 77% of the respondents said the job would have to be in their area of interest, 67% want promotion opportunities and 55% just want higher wages.

Over 1,900 Career Fair attendants participated in this survey.


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