Survey: Most Romanians prefer dry, red wines and choose it according to winemaker

Most Romanians prefer dry and red wines and choose their wine according to the winemaker, a survey by and shows, quoted by

According to the survey, dry wines are preferred by 58 percent of respondents, to the detriment of sweet ones, which only 2 percent of the respondents said they prefer. Meanwhile, red wine is the most popular, preferred by 57 percent of Romanians, with 28 percent favoring white, 13 percent rose and just 2 percent sparkling wine.

In recent years, Romanians have paid greater attention to their consumption and selection of wine. The winemakers (32 percent), grape varieties (31 percent), wine colour – white, rose or red (11 percent) – and the time of consumption (10 percent) are essential factors in choosing a suitable label.

Regardless of the source (from Romanian or foreign producers, or home brew), 45 percent of the respondents said they enjoyed wine two or three times a week, while over 91 percent said they get it in glass bottles.

“We decided to carry out this analysis in response to today’s needs,” says Alina Iancu, founder of and “We realized that real market data would be of great help to us, because in the absence of concrete figures, speculation and our personal opinions would have dominated discussions between amateurs as well as those between specialists. In addition, in comparison with the wine industry in developed countries, we came to the conclusion that we do not know who the Romanian wine consumer is in 2018, or their consumption habits.”

“Romanians mostly buy wine for their own consumption, but they also gift it. We found that sparkling wine is still associated (57 percent) with special occasions, but 34 percent of respondents prefer it at any time,” adds Iancu.

Some 60 percent of shoppers base their purchase decision solely on the information available on the shelf in store. Only 14 percent do research on the internet before buying a wine, while 9 percent seek advice from a specialist.


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