Romanian students work to refurbish historical thermal spa resort

Several students in Romania have kicked off a project aimed at supporting the refurbishment of the Băile Herculane resort, in western Romania, says

The thermal spa resort has many patrimony buildings in a state of decay. With a history that goes back to the time of the Roman emperor Trajan, the resort underwent development in the 18th century, during the Habsburg monarchy. Other buildings were erected during the interwar period, and later, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Now, a team of architecture students from Timișoara is raising awareness of the need to intervene in the area.

For Oana Chirila, who is part of the team, it all started with a photo series capturing the beauty of the buildings in the area. In time, a wider group was formed, and the Herculane Project was established.

The students are working to get the community, the local authorities and various other specialists involved in the project, in the hope that the resort will once again be an attractive tourist destination.

Most of the funding for the refurbishment is expected to come from the City Hall but the Locus Association, which is behind the project, opened two bank accounts where it receives donations.


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