Teconnex comes to Cluj

Romania First Property Group has entered into a lease with Teconnex, for around one-third of its warehouse in Tureni, Romania. The rent payable by Teconnex comes to around EUR 135,000 per annum, says EuroBuildCEE.

Located on the DN1/E81 road, the 8.575 sqm warehouse is 23 km south of Cluj Napoca and 11 km north from access to the A3 motorway at Turda. The warehouse is one of twenty-five commercial properties owned or managed by First Property in Romania and Poland, which have a total market value of app. EUR 266 mln.

Teconnex is a designer and manufacturer of V-clamps for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors. It is UK based, with operations in China, and is part of the Hexadex group.

The entire warehouse had previously been leased to Aquila Part Prod Com, which vacated the premises on January 15th 2018.


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