Romanian Royal Family could help with recovering Queen Maria’s jewelry

The Romanian Royal Family could help with the recovery of part of Queen Maria’s jewelry. Alongside the Romanian thesaurus, two boxes of the queen’s jewelry were sent to Russia during the First World War. The thesaurus was never fully recovered, says

Now, Cristian Păunescu, a counselor of the governor of Romania’s National Bank (BNR), asked Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Crown, to help with recovering the jewelry, the public television TVR reported. Păunescu is also a member in the joint Romanian-Russian commission for the recovery of the thesaurus.

The request was made as HM Margareta got the chance to see for the first time the original inventory of the BNR thesaurus sent to Russia.

The queen’s jewelry were evaluated to amount to 7 million gold lei.

HM Margareta said first they would need to locate a list or an inventory of Queen Maria’s jewelry.

In December 1916 and in the summer of 1917, two trains loaded with gold ingots, coins and other property of the BNR were sent to Moscow. A total of 91 tons of gold and other patrimony objects left Romania, TVR reported.


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