Free programming school opens in Bucharest

It will train 140 IT specialists over the next six to nine months, through an educational process based on practice and team work.

Among the first partners of the school are Societe Generale European Business Services, BNP Paribas Personal Finance Central Europe Technologies and Orange. The companies will support the educational program of the school with mentors, helping the students train to the demands of the market.

“The role of the mentors is to help students advance as fast and as appropriate as possible, but, at the same time, another role is to show them the values of their companies, their work methods and their types of projects,” Daniela Buşcan, program director with Academy+Plus, said.

“Romania currently has a deficit in the IT industry of 50,000 specialists. By getting companies directly involved in the process of educating the future IT professionals, we have the opportunity to reduce this deficit and train the future specialists in accordance with the market demands,” she added.


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