10 years in the EU: The advantages and disadvantages, as seen by Romanians

Ten years after accession, most Romanians continue to trust the European Union (57%), while 54% believe their voice is heard in the EU, according to an opinion poll presented on Monday, November 27, by the representation of the European Commission in Romania. However, the Romanians see both advantages and disadvantages in being a Member State of the EU, says Romania-Insider.com.

The main advantages include finding a job in a Member State (35%), the access to more goods or markets (33%), and the positive impact of European funds on the region in which they live (30%). Also, the fact that they travel more often to EU countries represents an advantage for 29% of respondents while 28% see the implementation of EU rules and standards as being a good thing.

Other advantages in Romanians’ opinion: a better security of the country (26%), equal opportunities with other European citizens to study in an EU country (24%), gaining confidence (23%) and better infrastructure in Romania (21%).

Some of the European Union’s advantages include good relations between Member States (indicated by 48% of respondents), the respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law (46%), EU’s capacity to promote peace and democracy beyond its borders (41%), the EU’s economic, industrial and commercial power (35%), and the food safety and quality in Europe (34%).


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