Food Waste Combat, globally awarded for the best local social responsibility initiative in the JCI network

Food Waste Combat, the JCI Cluj awareness and food waste reduction project, became the best local social responsibility initiative in the global network JCI, the international non-governmental organization that reunites almost 200.000 youngsters involved in the community, from over 120 countries, according to


The award ceremony took place at the JCI Global Congress in Amsterdam where were present thousands of representatives and delegates from almost all the world’s countries. It’s for the first time when at a global JCI congress a project from Romania is awarded. At the congress was also present Kofi Annan, former ONU general secretary and former JCI member.

„This award motivates us even more to continue the awareness and food waste reduction initiatives in Romania. It’s a great joy to be awarded at a global level. The received accolade proves us again that the theme is one with global interest, that is worth uniting our forces and continue to take action. We have big plans for next year. We want to work together with the supermarkets, consumers, restaurants, mass-media and to get involved from the legislative point of view in the food waste issue. We have a dedicated team formed exclusively of young voluntaries and alongside us we want to bring in this field the institutions, stores, restaurants, schools and, of course, consumers’ representatives,” said the JCI Cluj’s president, Corina Brandusan.


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