Over a half (54 percent) of the new apartments delivered in 2016 in the seven biggest residential markets in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj – Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanța, Sibiu and Brasov) were in the suburbs of the big cities, according to a report of the real estate company Coldwell Banker Romania based on the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS), according to Business-Review.eu.

Out of the 27,273 apartments finished last year in the seven biggest local residential markets, only 12,417 or 46 percent were placed inside the cities, while 14,856 were placed in the outskirts.

The biggest disproportions are in Bucharest, Timisoara and Sibiu, where the number of apartments delivered outskirts is double compared with the apartments delivered inside the cities.

The gap between the number of apartments finished in the big cities and the suburbs will maintain also this year, although the delivered apartments within the cities is in continuous growth in the context of middle-market segment development.

Another locality that had a significant development is Florești, near Cluj-Napoca. Thus, in the last 10 years were finished over 16,300 apartments in Floresti, compared with 12.400 in Cluj-Napoca.