Greek carrier Aegean Airlines to add 11 new routes in 2018

Greece’s leading carrier Aegean Airlines will add 11 new routes in 2018 and choose between Airbus and Boeing planes by the end of this year to renew its fleet, according to

It currently operates 46 Airbus A320 jets in its flaat of 60 aircraft, is evaluating the new generation Airbus A320neo family and Boeing’s 737MAX to renew its fleet, as most of its leases need to be replaced between 2019 and 2023.

Riding on a strong tourism year, the carrier will expand its fleet with three new aircraft next year.

The company’s planning for 2018 features 18 new routes, 11 new destinations, and 700,000 additional available seats

During the presentation of its new extended program for 2018, AEGEAN confirmed its objectives, which include further boosting its position in the European market, and widening its support for Greek tourism and local communities.

The company’s new program includes153 destinations, in 44 countries in total, with 16.6 available seats—700,000 more than in 2017. The strengthening of the company’s network in 2018 offers increased accessibility, through new connections, in key markets that function as vital sources of tourism for Greece, such as France, Italy and Germany.

Specifically, AEGEAN’s flight network for 2018, includes 18 new routes, corresponding to 11 new destinations from its Athens base (Turin, Palermo, Bologna and Lamezia Terme in Italy, Malaga in Spain, Basel in Switzerland, Zagreb and Zadar in Croatia, Vilnius in Lithuania, Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Skopje in FYROM) and 7 new routes from Greece’s regional airports (Corfu – Moscow, Santorini – Tel Aviv, Mykonos – Tel Aviv, Mykonos – Beirut, Rhodes – Lyon, Rhodes – Beirut, Heraklion – Beirut). In 2018, continuing the strategy of strengthening the Athens hub, which brings benefits both for the city itself, as well as for other regions and islands of the country, AEGEAN will connect the Greek capital with 81 international destinations.


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