Over 80 pct of the Romanian houses are not insured

Over 80 pct of the Romanian houses are not insured, taking into account that Romania has a wide range of risks such as earthquake, floods, landslides, according to the Pool of Insurance Against Natural Disasters (PAID), quoted by Business-Review.eu.

„Out of over seven years of PAID, I learned that not the mandatory feature is the one that convinces Romanians to insure their houses, but the understanding of the necessity of this product,” says Nicoleta Radu, general director PAID.

„With over 7.2 million uninsured houses, in Romania there’s a high need for responsibilities that from this point of view, every owner has,” says the ASF release.

ASF and PAID organize during October 9-13 at national level an awareness campaign regarding the importance of mandatory houses insurance.


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