Study: Romania should invest USD 237 bln in infrastructure by 2040

Romania should invest USD 237 billion in its infrastructure by 2040, a study by Global Infrastructure Hub, an initiative backed by G20, shows.

However, according to the survey, should the current trends continue, Romania will not invest more than EUR 226 billion, creating an investment gap of USD 11 billion, the study warns.

The report argues that Romania needs to invest USD 62 billion in energy infrastructure by 2040, but if current trends continue, it will invest about USD 57 billion, resulting in a USD 5,8 billion gap, according to

Under a business-as-usual scenario, when it comes to the water infrastructure, Romania is likely to meet the level of investment suggested by the study.  Specifically, in this sector Romania needs to invest USD 18 billion by 2040, and, if the current spending patterns continue, the resulting gap will be of only USD 3.9 million.

Another sector in which Romania could see a significant gap is the railway infrastructure where, according to GIH, Romania should invest USD 10 billion by 2040, but according to current trends it will invest about 5.9 billion dollars, resulting in an USD 3.6 billion gap.

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